We now have over 13,000 names in our “All Graduates Names” data base which came from the over 80 Yearbooks that we are currently displaying.  We have sorted through this vast data and compiled some questions that for your enjoyment
If you have some suggested trivia questions (and correct answers) about the various schools we can add them also. Like when did we become the “Red Devils” and I know the school colors were not always “Crimson - Blue”

1. Over all of the years, what family name has appeared the most times in the Yearbooks?
(a). Travis   (b) Conklin  (c) Williams (d) Johnson  (e) Brown

2. What has been the most popular boys first name?
(a) Peter;   (b) Robert   (c) John    (d) James   (e) William

3. Now the most popular girls name?
(a) Mary;   (b) Barbara,   (c) Carol   (d) Joan   (e) Dorothy

4. In what year were there the most graduates from any PHS high school?
(a) 1980;    (b) 1940;    (c) 1975;    (d) 1938; 

5. Of course, now that you have guessed that one correctly the next obvious question is:
Which class since 1930 had the least number of graduates?
(a) 1946,   (b) 2001,   (c) 1931,  (d) 1990

6. In which year did the last class graduate from Drum Hill High School?
(a) 1928;    (b) 1929;   (c) 1930;    (d) 1931

7. In which year did the last class graduate from the Ringgold Street High School?

(a) 1970;    (b) 1971;   (c) 1972;   (d) 1973



TriviaTest_devil 04

1. (a) Travis.   A more complete list is:  Travis, 94;  Brown, 71;  Williams, 70;  
Conklin 57;  Tompkins, 45;   Hayes, 43;   Johnson , 42;   Jackson, 42;  Taylor, 41;

2. (b) Robert.   A more complete list is: Robert, 341;  John, 335;  James, 227; 
Michael, 209;  William, 219;  Joseph, 173; Richard, 172;  George, 142;  Harry, 32 

3.(a) Mary     A More complete list is: Mary, 196;  Joan, 149;  Barbara, 133; 
Dorothy, 114; Carol, 114;  Rose 68

4. (d) 1938.    A more complete list is:  1938, 244;  1980, 243;  1940, 234; 
1975, 231

5. If you guessed 1931 you were wrong!
(b) 2001.   A more complete list is: 2001, 100;  1931, 116;  1946, 118; 1990, 130

6. The Class of 1930. Thus the class of 1931 became the first class to graduate from the Ringgold Street High School.

7. (c) 1972

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