Oldest Class Pictures

Drum Hill High School Class of 1907


Thomas C. Macpherson III has identified his gradfather, Thomas C. Macpherson
in the center of the front row. He was President of the Class

1909 oakside  grads

The above picture of the graduating class of 1909 was sent to us by Patty Wilcox in memory of her uncle George Wilcox. There may be some confusion between 1907 Drum Hill and 1909 Oakside.

This is as far back as we go, thanks to Colin Naylor Collection

Here are our earliest pictures of a PHS Basketball team, the championship teams of 1923-1924, 1924-1925, and 1925-1926. They started quite a tradition.


Here is our oldest picture of a PHS Baseball team -- and champions, too, in 1925 - no names

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