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 with the City of Peekskill, PHS, and
PHS Classmates
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Peekskill High School “Mercury” web page (New)

City of Peekskill’s web site

City of Peekskill Downtown

Click HERE for a link to a City of Peekskill
“Downtown Historic Walking Tour”

North County News

Paramount Center for the Performing Arts

Peekskill High School

Peekskill Education Foundation

Peekskill Museum

Field Library

Peekskill High School alumni
(This is a different PHS site than ours)


Web sites created by PHS Classmates

Susan Pinggera Holmes has created a Facebook page
of the pictures of the Peekskill Memorial in memory of
Samuel Oitice, (class of 1974)
who gave his life as a firefighter on Sept 11th.
Click HERE to view her pictorial page

Paul Tallerico’s Facebook (class of 78) page of
Peekskill in pictures ~ click HERE

Lynn Abbey -- class of 1966

Class of 1985 web page click HERE

Memories of Peekskill -- Michelle’s world

Peekskill Mayor John Testa’s Home Page - 1976

Grace (Losee) Owen 1950

Mark Skrobala - 1982

Christopher D’Anna - 1983

Dr. Sheryl (Jones) Dillard - 1982

Offie Wortham’s (1956) Book about Elton Brand

Vince Corozine - 1953

Mindy Block - 1974 “Quality Parks”-

Michael Baumann’s Class of 1959 page

Betsy (Finch) Rodino’s Class of 1969

Michael Viggiano’s Class of 1989

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Dan Modica (1982)

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