Jupiter 2014

 and Another successful Peekskill Day in
 Jupiter Florida with 140 in attendance

2014 Image2
2014 Image2

Rich has informed us that there have been additions to the crew to assist in the future, to make sure that Peekskill Day will continue long into the future. 

While Jim and Eileen will still handle permits and finances,

George and Diane Rohr will be the overall hosts

Ken and Pam Feltman Loretta Marazino Dennis Dempsey.

will be on hand to ensure that the Days will continue to be a rewarding days outing for all attendees.

 Hopefully the Official Photographer, Jim McCormack will still take those excellent photos that you have had the pleasure of viewing over the past several years.

Previous co-hosts Lou and June Pugliese were not able to attend this year and there presence was sorely missed

2014 Image5
2014 Image4
2014 Image7
2014 Image6
2014 Image9
2014 Image3

To view the many pictures of this year’s Peekskill Day, click here

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