Jupiter 2010 Page Two

Once again we express our sincere thanks to
Rich and Eileen Baisley
for sending along this fine set of pictures. 
We will welcome and publish any additional photos
or text messages from any of the attendees.

And we want to also add a very big thank you to the attendees
who generously made donations to the Alumni Web Site
that we may continue to be the links that keep all of us Peekskill High School
and former Peekskill residents in touch with each other.

2010 Jupiter 001

Rich Baislley and Loretta Carlin Marazino

2010 Jupiter 002

            Fr. Vernon with Assumption Parishioners

2010 Jupiter 003

                      Rae Messinger and Kathi Sterling

2010 Jupiter 004

                            Brian Lennox

2010 Jupiter 005

                 Renee Robillard and Donna Astrab

2010 Jupiter 006a

                             Mrs. Lois and Mike Caruso

2010 Jupiter 006

        Banners courtesy of Drum Hill Senior Living

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