Jupiter 2010 Page Three

Our earliest pictures of the Jupiter Day date back to the year 2000. 
 We welcome any additions to the page
including comments and text messages

2010 Jupiter 007
2010 Jupiter 008

                           Rich and Eileen Baisley

2010 Jupiter 009

         Rich and Eileen Baisley and June and Lou Pugliese ~~ co chairman

2010 Jupiter 010

     Rich and Eileen Baisley with 50th Anniversary cake given by Sue Tudor and Renee Robillard

Jim McCormack
 Official Photographer

has sent us over 70 pictures which we feel should be viewed as a slide show. 
We are experimenting with the Google Picasa slide show program, which not only gives you the opportunity to comment on the pictures directly to and on the site but also allows you to obtain your own copies of any pictures
that are of special interest to you
Thanks Jim, the pictures make a terrific addition to the Alumni pages.

 (All comments are most welcome.

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