Hail To Our Colors



Thanks to
Vince Corozine (Class of 1953)
we have received the musical score and a music file of Hail To Our Colors
Vince arranged the score which was used from 1947 until at least 1977
when he left the high school

 Click HERE for Vince’s talented rendition



I was the youngest person to ever join the PHS Marching Band. One evening during the summer of 1947, I just graduated from Franklin School 6th grade. My Dad took me to the high school to meet Mr. Shulman. He took two drum sticks, sat in a chair (this was in the basement of the high school) and proceeded to play a drum beat. He asked me to march...(he wanted to see if I could march to the beat while raising my feet.) He accepted me and then we searched for a uniform small enough for me. I carried my big tenor saxophone for six years and loved every minute of it. Mr Shulman and I designed the shows when I was in high school. Later on, (1958-60) while I was in the West Point Band, Mr. Shulman had a heart attack and couldn't take the band by himself. The Peekskill Board of Education contacted the big wig sat West Point and asked if they could let me out of my band duties three days a week while Mr. Shulman recovered. They agreed (Maybe I was a terrible soldier? )I taught at PHS for that year and then they created a job for me and I had the pleasure of working with Mr Shulman for many years. Besides my Dad, Mr. Shulman had the greatest influence on my career. I began my teaching at PHS in 1960 and left to teach at The King's College in Briarcliff Manor, NY in 1977. I taught there for 16 years and then went to teach music business and jazz at Elizabeth City State Univ in Elizabeth City, NC...near the Outer Banks. Now I am back in NY, Carmel...teaching music online, playing jazz, and writing lots of music. I thought that this tidbit might be interesting for others to read.+

Vince Corozine Music , Author of "Arranging Music for the Real World" by Mel Bay Publications Teacher of 12 music arranging courses online. e-mail: (845) 208-3381 231 Crane Road Carmel, New York 10512

              Vince has his own website at


Coincidentally we, a week earlier had received a file from
Judy Kaplan, Librarian and Media Specialist at PHS
that contained Hail To Our Colors as performed by the PHS band in 2008.
Click HERE to listen to that rendition of the class song

Now is we can only get a choral group singing along

Following the sheet mustic submitted by Vince Corozine we are showing the sheet music
 from way back in the 1930’s that we received from Phillip Keimig (Class of 1953).
 It is the version that we used during those earlier years. 
In fact different words to that melody was originally a class song

We would also be pleased to add any comments about our high school song that you might care to contribute,
along with any information about the history of the song itself.


Hail to Our Colors 1

In this early version the signatures on the cover sheet indicate that is was used or printed in conjunction with the Class of 1927. The lyrics are shown on their class Directory Page

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