Demolition PHS Ringgold St.

We’ve gathered all the pictures that were sent to us last year from
Ken Shaw, Class of 1949
Sal Carano, Class of 1959
Jim McGuire, Class of 1956
Joyce (Colao) Stillman, Class of 1960
Margaret (McKeon) Conklin, Class of 1958
Liz Maloy, Class of 1972
Doug MacDuff, Class of 1966
Nolan Womble, Class of 1944
and Nancy (Finch) Lyman
and put them in . . .
a two part slide show that you can view by
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and HERE as seen from Ringgold Street

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 thanks and credit to all of you who participated.


New Middle School

As viewed from Washington Street.

We are fortunate that
Kathryn (Dzaidik Lapolla, (Class of 1930)
preserved a memo of the occasion of the
laying the cornerstone of the “New” Peekskill High School.

The cornerstone of the new Peekskill High School was laid on Thursday, October 17, 1929, and it was a red letter day in the history of local educational work. W. R. Williams, Deputy Superintendent of Schools of Yonkers, made the principal address of the day.
Superintendent Spencer who was then unknown locally, also spoke. Appropriate ceremonies attended the laying of the cornerstone, a program being held in the auditorium of the Drum Hill school. The notables headed by Dr. Leon Helms, president of the Board of Education, outlined the many obvious benefits to be derived from good education, that will be afforded by the new building.
Because of the unseasonable weather, there being occasional snow flurries, the exercises were held in the auditorium, the guests of honor, officials, and audience later going to the new school for the laying of the stone.
The speaker of the day was W. R. Williams, the deputy superintendent of schools at Yonkers. Mr. Williams stressed the importance of education in our everyday lives. He said that such a building as the new Peekskill High School with its ultra-modern equipment, making possible the employment of the latest and best methods of teaching and instruction, would certainly be a boon to education in this community. The added facilities the new school will afford will make it possible to do many things that could not be done at the crowded Drum Hill building. Mr. Williams elaborated his urge for broader education in many fields.
Melvin R. Horton, a member of the Board of Education, acted as the chairman and introduced the speakers. He also read the papers which were sealed in the box to be placed in the cornerstone. Dr. Hickson F. Hart, a trustee in the old Oakside school district, now president of the village, extended the greetings of the community.
After an interesting address by Mr. Williams, everyone went to the southeast corner of the new school. M. R. Horton called for silence and announced that Mr. Helms was going to lay the cornerstone. As a laborer slowly turned a crane the stone was set in place by the president of the board. Miss lola Angood, instructor in music then led the singing of one verse of America


The metal box placed in the cornerstone contained the following:
Copies of the Highland Democrat
Copies of the Peekskill Daily Union
Copies of The Evening Star
Copy of program
Copy of By-Laws
Picture of Dr.Helms, President of the Board of Education
Copy of Teachers' Directory for the year 1930
Coins dated as follows: 2 dimes (1900); 3 nickels (1900, 1910, 1926); 4 pennies (1911,1928).


The list of invited guests follows:
Former Board members: Dr. Hickson F. Hart, Thomas Nelson,Jr., Wilbur L. Ellis, Frost Horton, Henry P. Dam, Jr., Edward F. Hill, Chester A. Smith, Charles E. Doyle, Fred I. Pugsley, Robert McCord, Edward G. Halsey,William W. Tears, Lanning G. Roake, Franklin Montross, Dr.E. deM Lyon.
Former Supt. of Schools Dr. A. D. Dunbar. President of the Village Dr. Hickson F. Hart.
Trustees of the Village: Allen Barger, Jr., Arthur E. Anderson, Charles Robinson, George H.Roberts.
Principal of the High School Dr. E. M. Quittmeyer. President of the Senior Class William Nelson;
Principals of Peekskill Military Academy: John C. Bucher, Charles A. Robinson.
Architect Wilson Potter, General Contractor William L. Mulroy, Superintendent of Buildings Richard Mansfield.

William L. Mulroy, of Peekskill and Croton, contractor, is now nearing completion of the new High School building on Ringgold Street on the former Baker lot. Plans earlier in the year were to have the auditorium completed so that the building could be used for Commencement exercises. They were changed, however, when the work failed to progress fast enough.
The P. C. Doherty, Inc. of Poughkeepsie, is the contractor for the plumbing and heating. A number of other sub-contractors are on the job. The foundation was dug by D. C. McGrath.
Although criticized by some people as "unsightly", the new high school building will permit a great extension of school work, and will cost approximately half a million dollars. It is expected that it will be ready for use in September when school re-convenes. The building is replete with classrooms, lounge rooms, offices, a cafeteria, a large gymnasium, a swimming pool, etc.

The last class to graduate from the Drum Hill building--June 24, 1930

Reprinted from the June 24, 1930 special Commencement Edition of The Evening Star.

The following teachers were the instructors for that year

Dr. E. M. Quittmeyer, Principal
Cecelia F. McGowan, Vice Principal, Math
Florence L. Tompkins, Vice Principal, History
Ray Townsend, Science, Athletics
Dorothy E. Graninger, Latin
Eunice H. Steele, English
Marion A. Van Buren, Commercial
Marguerite Powell, Science
Charlotte Martens, Mathematics
Sarah T. Baker, French, History
Cora I. Meserve, Latin
Watson G. Crossman, Commercial
Frances C. Matthews, Commercial
Emma L. Patterson, Librarian
G. Leroy Hart, English
Marjorie Stidworthy, Mathematics
Charles A. Pringle, Science, Math

Charlene F. Bryan, English
Ella L. Comfort, History
Margaret E. Cunningham, Commercial
Rosella C. Kramer, English
Sylvia M. Kursan, English
Sara McGonigle, French
Special Teachers, Supervisors
Lanetta Roake, Home Economics
Bertha W. deVries, Drawing
Lela V. Cackener, Physical Training
lola Angood, Music Supervisor
Helen G. Walsh, Physical Training
Elsie M. Agor, Asst. Music Supervisor
Kurt Emil Beyer, Physical Education
Ambrose F. Wesley, Industrial Arts
Mildred E. Tucker, Home Economics
Harry L. Towers, Industrial Art

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