Alumni Memories

This newspaper clipping sent to us by Phillip Keimig, Class of 1953
 Thanks, Phillip

This is getting back to the webmaster’s age vintage.

Memories Clipping from Phil Keimig


Ralph (Buddy) Treadwell, Class of 1949 has sent us these three pictures
Directly below is the Johnny Cassaboon Band. 
Below that is the Nick Corozine Band. 
We know there was also an Eddie McGinnis band and at least one other from Buchanan.
(The Webmaster can recall that particular band played all the Glenn Miller arrangements)
They all made great music for the Proms and Dances during the 1930’s - 1950’s
and should bring back some happy memories for
those of us that can still remember back to those swinging days

Memories Johnny Cassaboon Orchestra

The Johnny Cassaboon Band
We are only able to identify Bill Miller on Trombone; Mr. Swane on Saxaphone;
and Johnny Cassaboon, third from the left Al Link is also there somewhere.
Who are the other guys and that pretty vocalist?

Memories Nick Corozine Orchestra

The Nick Corozine band, circa 1958,
taken at Colonial Terrace
from the left, Pat Ferrucci, Billy Tobias, Nick Corozine Jr., drums Jack Giacchini, Nick Corozine Sr., Buddy Treadwell, Everett Gilleo and on piano, Charlie Hunt

Memories Motorcycle Group

Buddy Treadwell writes, “1948 - Left to Right, Pete Hyde, not sure of next guy, but believe his parents had a spaghetti house in Lake Oscawana; Wally Gardner, who went to California and back on his bike; next guy referred to as ‘Cosmic’; Pete Chichitano on the far right died about 4 years ago. His widow Margie, sent me the picture from their home near Daytona, Florida”

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