All Classes Reunion

In the summer of 2000, every graduate from every Peekskill High School Class was invited to come back to Peekskill for an “All Classes Reunion” which Bob Howles organized.

These pictures were taken during that weekend. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the pictures,. If you recognize yourself or a fellow graduate, please let Ron Abbey know so we can add the information on the appropriate page. To view the slide show click HERE


I lookout towards the river,
There's a whisper in the trees.
It's a voice of days gone by,
and it speaks of memories.

Close your eyes and listen,
Is that laughter that we hear?
Say, wasn't there a soda shop,
across the street right there?

The breeze is warm for autumn,
I thought it might be cold.
I hear voices now, that aren't here,
Can it be we're growing old?

Just a small town on the Hudson,
Not like it used to be.
Peekskill, it's a funny name,
But, ah, what memories


High school days and soda shops,
Dates on weekend niqhts.
Kept practicing that goodniqht`s kiss,
But never got it right.

Kiddies day, remember that?
They don't do it nowadays.
Boy, we had a lot of fun,
Before we went our separate ways.

I'm glad that we've come back again,
if it's just this one more time.
The memories of these days gone by,
Warm this heart of mine.

For those who couldn't make it,
And for those no Ionger here.
The memories bring many smiles,
That dry away each tear.

By Robert Howles, Class of 1953


Click HERE for the Reunion Program

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