Class of 1934

In Memory
Some of the obituaries can be found at

CURRY, EDWARD -- November 17, 2012

DONOHUE, VINCENT - March 20, 2002

KOHUT, JOHN -- September 3, 2017

LANCASTER, (MARQUAT) RUTH - February 21, 2015

LENT, CLIFFORD - May 25,2001

Di re ct ory of Addresses

801 South St.
Peekskill, NY - 10566
(914) 737-0028


7 Birchwood Pointe Condos #201
Amesbury, MA - 01913-4252
(978) 388-1501
Rubenfeld@starensier .com


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The 1934 Yearbook was sent to us by Patty Wilcox who purchased it from E-Bay. 
She is searching for the graduation picture of her father, Charles Wilcox.
Patty also enclosed the 1933 Yearbook.

1934 cover

1934 02

The Yearbook was originally owned by Mary Choulas.
How did it wind up for sale on E Bay?

This Yearbook is unique in that Mary obtained the
signatures of almost all of the graduates. 
For that reason, and knowing that many grads
look back for their ancestors we are publishing
the entire pages to include those signatures

1934 05

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 freely available to all grads.

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 If you finjd things of interest,
please let us hear from you. 

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