Class of 1927

1927 cover

The Class of 1927 Yearbook was loaned by
Eleanor Lockwood
Class of 1958
in memory of her mother

Edly (Post) Lockwood

Mrs. Lockwood taught at the Oakside School
for many years

1927 Edly Lockwood

 Passed On: Virginia (Burke) Connolly - Nov. 1969

1927 teachers

We can identify Miss Baker, far right first row; Dr. Quittmeyer with bow tie in first row;
“Unc” Crossman, far left in back row

The other teachers were the Misses Tompkins, McGowan, Graninger, Powell, Martens, Landin, Burgess, Chace, Ellis, Meserve, Matthews, Steele, Rogers, Waters, Van Buren, Hawxhurst, Cackener,Miss Roake. The other men were Messrs Townsend, MacDonald,Lavin,and Kemp. The names were not listed with the picture itself.

1927 drum hill hs
1927 officers

Donald Dempsey, Class President
Isabelle Warhurst, Vice-President;  Joseph Salerno, Secretary;  Sarah Oakley, Treasurer

1927 - 1977 cover

1927 - 1977 reunion

1927 - 1977 reunion 2

1927 - 1977 guests


Class Song
Hear, Alma Mater,
Our songs of praise to thee,
Thus, Alma Mater,
Shall it ever be.
In our mem’ries always,
Thy fond name ever dear,
Though our steps may wander far,
Our hearts are ever here

Years we have labored
‘Neath thy gentle guiding hand,
Us hast thou favored
As thy chosen band.
Now we rise to leave thee,
May thy fate in other hands
Show the love and service
Which thy noble name commands.

by Irene Allport


We have made an interesting observation that these words were sung to the tune that later became the official school song, “Hail to Our Colors”. Of course the words have been changed.

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